The Future of Search Engine Optimization 2019

The future of SEO is bright so here’s a little insight.

Image SEO

I think we’re going to see a continued rise in image searching. As of 2016, 27% of searches were from Google images. It’s the second highest only to and is 3rd. Not many people I talk to know that you can drag an image into the Google search bar and Google will search for information regarding that image and other images that match it. I think this will continue to increase. I think it’s important for marketers to focus on SEO for these images by including correct alt tags, metadata, and title. Sites like Facebook already have a function that matches images to their database and makes suggestions for who to tag. I think we should be looking out for more software and AI(artificial intelligence) powered software that increases this functionality.

Search Marketing AI

I love the concept of marketing through artificial intelligence. Salesforce has already begun using AI. They call it Einstein. It gives predictions on website visits, forecasts sales performance based on customer engagement, predicts which deals are likely to close, product recommendations for sales of e-commerce based on customer purchases, chatbots answer easy service issues, and much more. Many jobs will be going away with the release of more sophisticated AI. I think we are going to start seeing more search marketing AI soon. It’s kind of exciting and kind of scary at the same time.

Voice Search Optimization

I believe voice search is going to continue to expand. Years ago SEO specialists started focusing on more long tail keywords. It was nice for the smaller client to be able to afford SEO services because they weren’t competing for short keywords that huge organizations were dumping tons of money into. I think we’re seeing a trend of optimizing for voice search where people speak in whole sentences. I am interested to see if optimizing for whole sentences will become relevant to marketers.

Onsite Search

I believe search marketing is going to change in a few ways in the near future. More and more sites have search functions. Many use Google’s search functionality on these sites. There are many sites I use that I wish had a search function. The problem with these early on was, if there were no results, visitors would get frustrated and leave the site. Google’s solution was to display their search results but that draws visitors away from your site to somewhere else to get what they’re looking for. I also believe AI is getting smarter and will begin to offer better suggestions that relate to your topic. There are many ways this could improve and I think we’re seeing those things happen now like chat features and suggestions based on your previous searches.

Augmented Reality Search

Also, Augmented reality is much further along than people know. Adobe is actually in Beta test for their version of augmented reality called Adobe Arrow that we are involved in. I think we’re going to start seeing more and more virtual and augmented reality. I believe it is reasonable to expect that to impact search as well. It will be a way to fund virtual reality and augmented reality.

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